Best answer: Which one is not observed in biodiversity hotspot?

Complete answer: Lesser interspecific competition is not observed in biodiversity Hotspots.

What is not observed in biodiversity hotspot?

So, the correct answer is ‘Less interspecific competition. ‘

What is not generally seen in biodiversity?

9. __________ is not generally seen in biodiversity hotspots. (d) Lesser interspecific competition. Answer: (d) Lesser interspecific competition.

What are the 3 biodiversity hotspots?

Here’s a look at 6 biodiversity hotspots of India

  • Indo-Burma region. …
  • Western Ghats. …
  • Sundaland. …
  • Sunderbans.

Which of the hotspots is biodiversity?

They are western ghats and Sri Lanka, Indo-Burma, and Eastern Himalayas. Note that even the biodiversity hotspots cover less than two percent of the world’s total land area, by protecting these regions we can decrease the rate of species extinctions by 30%.

What are the 4 types of biodiversity?

Four Types of Biodiversity

  • Species Diversity. Every ecosystem contains a unique collection of species, all interacting with each other. …
  • Genetic Diversity. Genetic diversity describes how closely related the members of one species are in a given ecosystem. …
  • Ecosystem Diversity. …
  • Functional Diversity.
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Which is one of the most prevalent hotspot of biodiversity in India?

the Western Ghat is one of the most prevalent hotspot biodiversity of India. Explanation: This is because there is large number of forest in the Western Ghat which supports the growth of white number of creatures.

Which of the following is not an objective of conservation of biodiversity?

So, the correct option is ‘Selective hunting of dangerous and threatening species.

Which one of the following is not included under in-situ conservation?

Zoological/botanical garden is not included under in situ conservation. … Sacred groves come under in situ conservation. Other examples include national parks, biosphere reserves, and sanctuaries. So, the correct answer is, ‘zoological/botanical garden.

Which of the following is the biodiversity hotspot Mcq?

the correct answer is forests.

Which one is not a biodiversity hotspot of India?

Indo-burma — it includes north eastern india. Assam and Andaman islands are exceptions. Sundalands— it includes nicobar islands.

What are biodiversity hotspots give one example?

A biodiversity hotspot is a biogeographic region with significant levels of biodiversity that is threatened with destruction. For example forests are considered as biodiversity hotspots.

How many biodiversity hotspots are there?

There are 36 biodiversity hotspots on our planet, and these areas are dazzling, unique, and full of life. Plants, animals, and other living organisms that populate these places are rare and many of them are only found in these specific geographic areas.