Are dogs allowed at Middle Creek Wildlife?

Middle Creek Elders Run Trail is a 3.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Kleinfeltersville, Pennsylvania that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and horses. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Can I take my dog to Middle Creek?

If you begin your tour at the Visitor Center your first canine hike at Middle Creek will be on the Conservation Trail, a 1.5-mile loop of easy walking. The grass and dirt trail is the most paw-friendly of the hikes in the preserve.

Are the snow geese still at Middle Creek?

January 25, 2021

While most of Middle Creek Lake is frozen, snow geese, tundra swans, Canada geese, and a variety of duck species are still utilizing the lake as an overnight roost. Currently, Middle Creek and the surrounding landscape is free from snow offering waste grains for waterfowl to feed on during the day.

Is Middle Creek Open?

CLOSED – Middle Creek Visitors Center. The Middle Creek Visitors Center is closed due to building renovations. The center will reopen once major renovations are completed. This closure applies to the Visitors Center only; public access areas and trails remain open for public use and recreation.

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How many snow geese are at Middle Creek right now?

About 90,000 snow geese take off from a field near the lake and the trail viewing area at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area on March 8, 2021. Middle Creek is located on the Lancaster County and Lebanon County lines near Kleinfeltersville, Pennsylvania.

Where is Middle Creek Wildlife Area?

The Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, located on the Lebanon-Lancaster County line about one mile south of Kleinfletersville, is a special tract owned and set aside by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for the protection, propagation, management, preservation and controlled harvest of wildlife.

Can you fish at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area?

Fishing in Middle Creek Reservoir

Middle Creek Reservoir is near Ephrata. The most popular species caught here are Channel catfish, Largemouth bass, and Yellow bullhead.

Where can I see geese at Middle Creek?

Middle Creek staff recommends that visitors check the Waterfowl Migration Update before making the drive to Kleinfeltersville. The best times to see snow geese on the lake are sunrise, before they leave to feed in neighboring fields, or sunset, as they return from feeding to roost.

Why do snow geese come to Middle Creek?

Generally, the birds begin to make their appearance after the ice thaws. This creates areas of open water and when snow is no longer covering the grains the geese depend on for food. As late February/early March arrives and weather conditions improve, visitors to Middle Creek should start to see snow geese arriving.

How many geese are in Middle Creek?

There were an estimated 125,000 geese at Middle Creek on Feb. 18, 2020, and numbers reached 115,000 on Feb. 24, 2020, too. Annual visitors who take in the spectacle will be in for a few COVID-related changes this year.

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Is hunting allowed at Middle Creek?

Middle Creek is Divided into Four Area Types:

Public Hunting Areas (State Game Lands, green on map) – Hunting is permitted during all open hunting seasons, (except during the early Canada goose season for which Middle Creek is CLOSED to waterfowl hunting).

What county is Middle Creek?

The Middle Creek Story. Located along the border of Lebanon and Lancaster counties, about 80 miles northwest of Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is a prime destination for wildlife and folks who care about wildlife and wild places.