You asked: What are ecological uses of forest?

What are the commercial and ecological uses of forest?

Forests provide us a large number of commercial goods which include timber, firewood, pulpwood, food items, gum, resins, non-edible oils, rubber, fibers, lac, bamboo canes, fodder, medicine, drugs and many more items. Half of the timber cut each year is used as fuel for heating and cooking.

What are the 10 uses for forests?

Forests are a source of resins (used to make varnish and paint), latex (used to make rubber), bamboo (useful as fodder, and serves as an important raw material for the manufacture of paper and pulp, basket and other small-scale industries), and cane (used to make walking sticks, furniture, baskets, picture frames, …

What are the ecological uses of forest Class 11?

Firewood, Timber, Wood pulp, Honey, lac, medicinal plants and herbs, raisin, biofertilizers, etc.

What are some uses of the forest?

What are the uses of Forest?

  • Fuelwood- Wood is an important energy source for cooking and heating for the rural population. …
  • Fencing- …
  • Soil erosion check- …
  • Bamboo- …
  • Medicinal use- …
  • Fibre- …
  • Essential oils- …
  • Timber-
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What are the 5 ecological values of forests?

In addition to providing food, fuel and fiber, forests clean the air, filter water supplies, control floods and erosion, sustain biodiversity and genetic resources, and provide opportunities for recreation, education, and cultural enrichment.

What are the ecological and economic functions of forests?

These include contributions to the overall economy – for example through employment, processing and trade of forest products and energy – and investments in the forest sector. They also include the hosting and protection of sites and landscapes of high cultural, spiritual or recreational value.

What are the types of forest ecosystem?

The different types of forest ecosystems are boreal, temperate, and tropical rainforest ecosystems.

There are three types of forest ecosystems which are mainly:

  • Temperate forest ecosystem.
  • Boreal or Taiga forest ecosystem.
  • Tropical rainforest ecosystem.

What are the uses of forest Class 6?

Forests are useful to us in following ways: (i) Forests prevent soil erosion and floods. (ii) They maintain the balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the atmosphere. (iii) They reduce global warming by using carbon dioxide during photosynthesis.

What is forest resources and their uses?

Forests are main source of many commercial products such as wood, timber, pulpwood etc. … Forest can provide food , fibre, edible oils and drugs. Forest lands are also used for agriculture and grazing. Forest is important source of development of dams, recreation and mining.

How are forests useful to US Class 8?

– Forests help in maintaining the water cycle. … – Forests prevent soil erosion and floods. Roots of trees bind the soil particles together and prevent the soil from being washed or blown away. – Forests help in maintaining the temperature and oxygen level of the atmosphere.

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