Why is it important to recycle toner cartridges?

Does toner have to be recycled?

Like ink cartridges, toner cartridges for laser printers can be recycled in similar ways. You can: Mail empty toner cartridges back to the manufacturer. … Recycle your toner cartridges with a third party recycling program.

Can you recycle waste toner cartridges?

The thing is, toner cartridge recycling is a more responsible, sustainable way to deal with your empties, and it’s easier to do than ever before. You can recycle them by: Dropping them off at a retailer. Sending them through the mail.

How many times can a toner cartridge be recycled?

During that time, the ink or toner in the cartridge can seep into the surrounding soil or water, poisoning it for centuries long after the cartridge has degraded. An article by Planet Green Recycle states that as much as 97% of an empty toner cartridge can be recycled and made again into a new cartridge.

Are toner cartridges hazardous waste?

Most used or unneeded printer/toner/inkjet cartridges are not regulated as hazardous waste, but should be recycled. The best way to recycle these cartridges is to send them back to the manufacturer.

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What can you do with full waste toner cartridges?

How to Dispose of Waste Toner

  1. Remove the used toner cartridge from the printer and set it aside. …
  2. Look inside the box for a prepaid return label. …
  3. Place the used toner in the box and tape the box shut. …
  4. Call the toll-free number for the appropriate carrier to arrange a free pickup.

How do I dispose of a Kyocera toner cartridge?

How Do I Recycle Kyocera Toner Cartridges?

  1. Visit an authorized Kyocera Dealer. (Search “Kyocera locations near me”.)
  2. Request a Kyocera recycling box.
  3. Fill the box with empty Kyocera toner cartridges.
  4. Seal the box.
  5. Ship to Kyocera’s recycling partner, Close The Loop.

What do you do with toner waste bottles?

Comply with the waste toner bottle Recycling Program, whereby used waste toner bottles are collected for recycling. Before removing the waste toner bottle from the machine, spread paper or similar material around the area to keep toner from dirtying your workspace.

Can you get money for empty toner cartridges?

It’s no secret that you can get money for your unwanted unused toner. … Even if it’s the humanitarian thing to do and recycle your toner cartridges for free, throwing some cash into the mix doesn’t hurt. You can choose to sell online as many companies offer free shipping or in store as some stores offer in store credit.

How do I recycle generic toner cartridges?

Drop them off at your local office supply store

Many office supply retailers will gladly take back your used or spent cartridges. If you have an office supply store in your area, check their website to see if the store accepts ink and toner cartridges, most will recycle them in a heartbeat!

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What happens to recycled printer cartridges?

All of the plastic parts of the old cartridge will be sent to a processing plant where they will be melted and can be used for any number of products—not just new ink cartridges. Same with the metal parts. The remaining toner is often used in a paving product called TonerPave.