Why do you think California has so much biodiversity?

Why is California so biodiverse?

California’s biodiversity stems from exceptional variation in landscape features, latitudinal range, geological substrates and soils, and climatic conditions, resulting in a wide range of ecosystems to support plant and animal species.

Does California have a high diversity of ecosystems?

California is one of the most geographically and ecologically diverse regions in the world, with landscapes ranging from sandy beaches to coastal redwood rainforests to snow-covered alpine mountains to dry desert valleys.

How much biodiversity does California have?

California is a biodiversity hot spot because of its unique geography, climate, geologic history and size. California’s network of terrestrial protected lands covers 46% of the state. More than 30% of California’s species are threatened with extinction.

Is California a biodiversity hotspot?

Most of the state of California lies within a biodiversity hotspot called the California Floristic Province, an area of diverse vegetation. … Part of what makes California a hotspot is that its spectacular biodiversity is seriously threatened. At least 75% of the original habitat has already been lost.

Why does California have such a diversity of climates?

Glaciation, sedimentary and volcanic deposits, movement along fault zones, the uplift of subterranean rock and sediment layers, and gradual erosion have created unique topographical features and a mosaic of bedrock and soil types. The state’s geography and topography have created distinct local climates.

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What ecosystem is in Southern California?

Throughout the world, the Mediterranean ecosystem is characterized by evergreen or drought deciduous shrublands. The chaparral of southern California is echoed in the old world Mediterranean maquis, the Chilean matorral, South African fynbos and the Australian mallee scrub communities.