Which of the following gas generated when the matter inside the sanitary landfill breaks down?

Which can be produced from landfill waste?

How is landfill gas produced?

Table 2-1: Typical Landfill Gas Components
Component Percent by Volume
methane 45–60
carbon dioxide 40–60
nitrogen 2–5

What is generated on the decomposition of organic matter present in the sanitary landfill?

When organic waste is dumped in landfill, it undergoes anaerobic decomposition (because of the lack of oxygen) and generates methane. … Methane is, however, also a valuable resource. The natural gas piped into our homes is primarily methane.

What happens to the natural gas is collected from a sanitary landfill?

Venting landfill gas through a filter is another technology used to reduce odors. Landfill gas is collected and vented through a filter of bacterial slime. As long as oxygen is present, bacteria will decompose landfill gas under aerobic conditions, producing carbon dioxide and water.

Which gas is produced from landfill waste Mcq?

18. Which of the following gas can be produced from landfill wastes? Answer: (a) Biogas.

Which gas is produced by decomposition of organic wastes?

Organic waste and landfills

When organic waste is put into a landfill, it breaks down by a process called anaerobic decomposition. The organic waste creates a liquid called leachate, and two main gases – methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), both of which are greenhouse gases.

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How leachate and gas are generated in a landfill?

Landfill leachate is produced when rainwater and seepage water percolate through the top cover, make contact with the buried unprocessed solid waste and extract soluble components. … Leachate contains many soluble organic and inorganic substances.

Which gas is produced in open dumps from the decomposition of biodegradable waste?

Explanation: Methane is released by the decomposition under anaerobic conditions. This can cause fires and explosions and promote global warming too.

What makes a sanitary landfill different from a dump?

A landfill has a liner at the bottom to catch the liquid produced by solid waste while a dump does not have a liner. … After a while, landfills might produce toxic gases which are released into the air and ground because the waste materials cannot rot while dumps are hazards because they can be located anywhere.