What is your definition of ecology Why?

What is ecology in your own words?

Ecology is defined as the branch of science that studies how people or organisms relate to each other and their environment. An example of ecology is studying the food chain in a wetlands area. … The branch of biology dealing with the relationships of organisms with their environment and with each other.

What is ecology in simple English?

Ecology is the branch of biology that studies the biota (living things), the environment, and their interactions. It comes from the Greek oikos = house; logos = study. Ecology is the study of ecosystems. … Scientists who study these interactions are called ecologists.

What is the best definition of the term ecology?

Ecology is the study of interactions of organisms with each other and with their habitat. (The word ecology comes from the Greek word for “house,” implying that ecology sees nature as a house in which living and nonliving things interact.)

What do you mean ecologist?

An ecologist is a scientist who studies how animals and plants interact with their environment. … Ecology is a word that comes from the Greek oikos, meaning “house.” Basically, ecologists study the environment like it’s a big house, and all the living creatures in it are roommates.

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How would you define ecology in your own words Brainly?

Answer: Ecology is defined as the systematic study of environment which around us. kvargli6h and 8 more users found this answer helpful.

What is environment and ecology?

Environment refers to all the conditions that influence and affect the development and sustainability of life of all organisms present on the earth. Ecology is the study of inter-relationship of organisms with physical as well as biotic environments. …

What is ecology in a sentence?

Ecology is the study of how living things relate to their environment. 18. It was as if the ecology of the place had chosen to imitate politics.

What is the definition of ecology quizlet?

ecology (definition) the scientific study of interactions among and between organisms and their physical environment.

What are the terms of ecology?

Ecology: Organisms and Their Environments Terms

  • Abiotic. Anything that is not, nor has ever been, alive. …
  • Autotroph. …
  • Biomagnification.
  • Biotic. …
  • Carnivore. …
  • Carrying capacity. …
  • Climax community. …
  • Coevolution.