What is meant by climate resilience and sustainability?

What is meant by climate resilience?

Climate resilience is the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to hazardous events, trends, or disturbances related to climate. Improving climate resilience involves assessing how climate change will create new, or alter current, climate-related risks, and taking steps to better cope with these risks.

What is climate resilience and why does it matter?

The ability to prepare for, recover from, and adapt to these impacts is called “climate resilience.” … Extreme weather events have shown that resilience is an essential component of any comprehensive climate action program because climate change is both a global and a hyper-local issue.

Why is climate resilience important?

Resilience breaks the mammoth of climate change into locally manageable tasks such as reducing increased flood risk due to sea-level rise or preparing agricultural markets for longer droughts due to higher temperatures. Resilience underscores the specific impacts of climate change for individual communities.

What is sustainability in terms of climate change?

Environmental sustainability means reducing our impact on the environment and adopting practices that use natural resources sustainably. … This refers to balancing environmental and ecological concerns with social and economic aspects of development.

What is the difference between climate resilience and adaptation?

Adaptation is an action which reduces the impact of a specific effect of climate change, whereas resilience reduces the impact of a variety of effects. … Some refer to adaptation as reducing the impact of an impact that has already happened, whereas resilience is a protection against something that may happen.

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How can climate resilience be improved?


  1. Build resilient foundations with rapid and inclusive development. …
  2. Help people and firms do their part. …
  3. Revise land use plans and protect critical infrastructure. …
  4. Help people and firms recover faster and better. …
  5. Manage impacts at the macro level.

What is climate resilient livelihood?

Climate resilient livelihood models will include agro-ecology development (prevents degradation), life cycle-based micro-water resource harvesting and create opportunities for carbon credits.

What are climate resilient technologies?

Smart Practices and Technologies for climate resilient agriculture. Fodder cultivars to tackle fodder scarcity. Integrated Farming System modules. Recharge of wells to improve shallow aquifers. Rainwater harvesting and recycling through temporary check dam.