What do ocean winds cause in marine west coast climates?

What causes dry areas to develop on the leeward sides of mountain ranges?

What effect is caused by a rain shadow? Drier, warmer areas develop on the leeward side of mountains. because Earth is tilted on its axis. to any coastal midlatitude climate that has mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers.

Why are temperatures cooler in Quito?

Why are temperatures cooler in Quito, Ecuador, than in most other places located near the Equator? … They cause temperatures to be more uniform and moderate. High latitude climates support only limited plant and animal life because of the. lack of direct sunlight.

Why do high latitude climates support only limited life?

Why do high latitude climates support only limited plant and animal life? … There is a lack of direct sunlight making the climate very cold. Animals and plants survive very well in high latitude climates. There is a lack of water in high latitude climates, making it difficult for plants and animals to live there.

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In what climate do more than half of all plant and animal species exist?

Tropical rain forests, such as Brazil’s Amazon Basin rain forest, are found near the Equator. They contain more than half of the world’s biodiversity, or variety of plant and animal species.

What causes winds to move diagonally?

How often does the Earth complete one rotation on its axis? … Because of The Greenhouse effect some solar radiation is ——— by the Earth’s atmosphere and some is ——– back into space. Coriolis Effect. the —– occurs because the Earth’s rotation causes prevailing winds to move diagonally.

Is Ecuador the hottest country in the world?

The first step in determining the hottest country in the world is to decide what qualifies a country as the hottest.

Hottest Countries In The World 2021.

Country Average Yearly Temperature (°C) Average Yearly Temperature (°F)
Egypt 22.1 71.78
Malawi 21.9 71.42
Ecuador 21.85 71.33
Libya 21.8 71.24

How does the Coriolis effect influence winds?

What is the Coriolis effect? The Earth’s rotation means that we experience an apparent force known as the Coriolis force. This deflects the direction of the wind to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere.

What are the prevailing winds of the latitudes near the equator called?

The Coriolis Effect, in combination with an area of high pressure, causes the prevailing winds—the trade winds—to move from east to west on both sides of the equator across this 60-degree “belt.”

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What effect do large bodies of water tend to have on coastal areas?

Large bodies of water affect the climate of coastal areas by absorbing or giving off heat. This causes many coastal regions to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than inland areas at similar latitudes.

What causes solar radiation to warm Earth?

Radiation from the Sun strikes Earth’s surface and causes it to warm. Some of this heat then is radiated back toward space. Some gases in the atmosphere, known as greenhouse gases, absorb a portion of this heat and then radiate heat back towards Earth. This keeps Earth warmer than it would be otherwise.

What landform in the Marine West Coast climate causes a high amount of rainfall throughout the year?

In additional to coastal plains and mountains, this type of climate is often characterized by glacial valleys and fjords. Marine west coast climates are typically found to the west of large mountain ranges that cause fronts to collide and release all of their precipitation.

Is the side face away from the wind and toward which the wind blows?

In sailing terminology, windward means “upwind,” or the direction from which the wind is blowing. … An island’s windward side faces the prevailing, or trade, winds, whereas the island’s leeward side faces away from the wind, sheltered from prevailing winds by hills and mountains.

How do Latitude elevation wind water and landforms affect Earth’s climate?

climate changes by latitude according to how near or far a location is from the sun; that climate changes by elevation because the thinner air at higher altitudes retains less heat; that proximity to a large body of water keeps temperatures of surrounding areas moderate; and that landforms such as mountains affect …

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