What are the three rice ecosystems?

What are the three main rice ecosystems?

Rice Ecosystem

  • Wet system.
  • Dry system.
  • Semidry system.

How many rice ecosystem are there in India?

Because cultivation is so widespread, development of four distinct types of ecosystems has occurred in India, such as: Irrigated Rice Eco System. Rainfed Upland Rice Eco System. Rainfed Lowland Rice Eco System.

What is the most commonly managed ecosystem for rice cultivation in the Philippines?

Lowland rainfed and irrigated rice are the most important rice ecosystems, accounting for ca. 65% and 20% of national rice harvested area, respectively (Mutert and Fairhurst, 2002).

Which are the main rice-producing areas?

Rice Production Areas: 5 Major Rice Production Areas of the World

  • China: The greatest rice-producing country in the world is China. …
  • India: India is the second largest rice-producing country in the world. …
  • Indonesia: It is the third largest rice-producing country in the world. …
  • Bangladesh: …
  • Japan:

What is rice ecology?

Cutting across the AEZs, IRRI (1993) has categorized rice land ecosystems into four types: irrigated rice ecosystem, rainfed lowland rice ecosystem, upland rice ecosystem, and flood-prone rice ecosystem (Figure 1). … In the irrigated rice ecosystem, the rice fields have assured water supply for one or more crops a year.

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What is upland and lowland rice?

Upland rice varieties are drought tolerant, but have a low yield potential. Lowland rice is grown in fields that can be flooded and they are either rain-fed or irrigated. Rice is grown in large quantities for markets and fertilisers are used.

What are the different varieties of rice in the Philippines?

Philippine Rice Varieties

  • Dinurado / Denorado.
  • Intan.
  • Milagrosa.
  • Sinandomeng.
  • Wag-Wag.