What are climatic conditions required for tea and coffee?

What are the climatic conditions for tea and coffee?

It requires a tropical climate with abundant heat, rainfall and humidity. Water logging should be avoided. It quality enhances qhen it is grown under shade.

What are climatic conditions for tea?

However, the most suitable condition of growing tea is average temperature between 12.5-13 degrees Celsius or more, and in winter time, the temperature do not stay –15 degrees Celsius or less for a long hours, 1500mm rains will be needed annually (especially between April to October, 1000mm rains will be needed), Ph …

What are the climatic conditions required for coffee?

Coffee generally requires somewhat warm temperature with moderate rainfall. Complete answer: Coffee is a tropical plant which is also grown in a semi-tropical climate. This plant requires heat, humidity and abundant rainfall to grow and yield well. Coffee requires an average temperature of 15℃ to 28℃ .

What type of climatic conditions is required for tea Class 10?

(i) Temperature : The tea plant grows well in tropical and sub tropical climate. Tea bushes require warm and moist, frost-free climate all through the year. Tea bushes need temperature of more than 25°C. (ii) Rainfall : Tea plant needs heavy rainfall ranging between 150 cm to 250 cm.

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What is the temperature required for tea?

Tea requires a temperature ranging from 21°C to 29°C. Tea grows well in the regions which receive rainfall in between 150-200 cm. The soil should be well drained. However, stagnant water damages the tea crops.

How much rainfall is required for tea?

Tea is also grown across a range of altitudes, from sea level up to about 2200 m above sea level (a.s.l.). The tea plant requires a minimum rainfall of 1200 mm year-1, but 2500-3000 mm year-1 is considered optimum.

What is the geographical condition of coffee?

Coffee plantations require a temperature ranging between 25°C to 30°C. Rainfall should range between 150-200 cm. Coffee plants should be protected from direct sunlight. Hence many trees are planted in between the coffee crop to provide shade to the plant.

What is the temperature of coffee?

Always Brew Coffee Between 195°F and 205°F

The coffee grounds should be at room temperature, and the water should be between 195 and 205°F. When the water is above 205°F, it can scald the grounds and create a burnt taste. When it’s below 195°F, the brewed coffee will be under-extracted.

What type of soil is needed for tea?

Soils: Tea is grown in variety of soils. The best, however, is a light; friable loam with porous sub-soil which permits a free percolation of water, for tea is highly intolerant to stagnant water. In general the most suitable soils are slightly acidic and without calcium.