Question: Why is the climate of Mahabaleshwar is cool?

Why is the climate of Mahabaleshwar cool answer?

Answer: The climate of Mahabaleshwar is cool because it is situated at high altitude. Places that are above sea level are cooler.

What is the temperature of Mahabaleshwar cool?

A moderate of 20-30 degrees Celsius temperature is maintained during the summers by the topography.

Why climate is important for a region?

Studying the climate helps us predict how much rain the next winter might bring, or how far sea levels will rise due to warmer sea temperatures. … We can also see which regions are most likely to be affected by extreme weather, or which wildlife species are threatened by climate change.

Why is Mahabaleshwar?

A wonderful getaway in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar was once a summer capital for the British of the Bombay province. It is a few hours’ drive from Mumbai and sees thousands of visitors every week. The scenic views and places of attraction, definitely, add to the charm of the serene hill-station.

Why is the climate near the sea?

Earth’s surface traps heat from the sun and therefore air near the earth’s surface starts becoming hot. Sea is located at the earth’s surface therefore it has a hot temperature. Hot temperature and humidity are directly proportional; therefore, sea has a humid climate.

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Which is the coldest month in Mahabaleshwar?

What is the coldest month in Mahabaleshwar? The coldest month is July, with an average high-temperature of 18.7°C (65.7°F) and an average low-temperature of 16.8°C (62.2°F).

Can we visit Mahabaleshwar in December?

If you are wondering the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar, then you should know that there are two seasons. You could visit in the summer season i.e. March-June. The other is winter season is December to February.

Why there is no snowfall in Maharashtra?

Snowfalls occur only when the atmospheric temperature falls below the freezing point causing the water vapour to directly turn into snowflakes. As the atmosphere in Maharashtra is hot and humid, the temperature does not drop below the freezing point. Hence, it does not snowfall in Maharashtra.

What is the best time to go to Mahabaleshwar?

Winter is from December to February and it is the best season to visit Mahabaleshwar. The weather is just right, and one can head outdoors without worrying about the hot sun.

Best Time to visit Mahabaleshwar.

Travel Seasons Min/Max Temperature Season
March – June 15-35 degrees Pleasant Days
July – October 19-33 degrees Moderate rains