Question: What does Habitat for Humanity International seek to do?

What is the main purpose of Habitat for Humanity?

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

What is the mission statement for Habitat for Humanity?

Mission: To bring communities together to help families build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Vision: A world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

What does Habitat for Humanity advocate for?

We envision a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. We foster and build equity through affordable housing, by fully integrating diversity and inclusion into everything we do.

How has Habitat for Humanity helped?

Since our founding in 1976, Habitat has helped more than 29 million people build or improve the place they call home. In fiscal year 2019, we helped more than 7 million people, and an additional 2.3 million gained the potential to improve their housing conditions through training and advocacy.

What is the purpose of the Habitat?

Habitat has a purpose of ending poverty around the world by providing shelter to those who need it the most. The organization strives to eliminate homelessness. In addition to helping those who are economically disadvantaged, Habitat also has a program that assists those who become homeless due to natural disasters.

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How does Habitat for Humanity help the community?

Habitat for Humanity helps people repair and improve their own homes and neighborhoods. Habitat’s Disaster Response works with local communities to address a variety of housing needs after natural disasters. Habitat’s advocacy work raises awareness and support for decent and affordable housing around the world.

What does Habitat for Humanity Canada do?

Habitat ReStore

Habitat for Humanity ReStores help build more homes in Canada and around the world. Local Habitat for Humanity organizations across Canada continue to take the necessary steps to protect and prioritize the health and safety of staff, volunteers, Habitat homeowners, donors and local businesses.

What is the vision and mission of Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity embraces the vision of “A world in which every person has a decent place to live”. grow into all that God intends.

What are the core values of Habitat for Humanity?

Mission & Values

  • Vision. A world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.
  • Mission Statement. …
  • Housing For All. …
  • Human Dignity. …
  • Family Engagement. …
  • Partnership. …
  • Inclusion. …
  • Strengthening Families and Citizenship.