How does biodiversity vary with latitude and altitude?

How does biodiversity change with latitude?

Species density is higher in the tropics (low latitude) than in temperate regions (high latitude) resulting in a latitudinal biodiversity gradient (LBG).

Does biodiversity increase with latitude?

Species richness, or biodiversity, increases from the poles to the tropics for a wide variety of terrestrial and marine organisms, often referred to as the latitudinal diversity gradient (LDG).

Why is biodiversity higher in lower latitudes?

[1] Low-latitude areas have a greater incidence of solar energy, and often a higher air moisture content than higher-latitude areas. This fuels an elevated primary-productivity, providing more resources to the ecology as a whole, enabling competition, specialization and speciation.

How are latitude and longitude similar and different?

Latitudes are measured in degrees. Longitudes: The vertical lines running north-south, join the two poles. They are called the meridians of longitude.

What is the difference between Latitude and Longitude?

Latitude Longitude
It is known as parallels It is known as meridians
The length of the lines are different The length of the lines are the same

What is the relationship between diversity and latitude?

negative relationship between diversity and latitude (high latitude = low diversity). thinking of an empty island, as new species arrive the island fills up. Immigration decreases over time as new species are added and eventually gets to zero as the island can not support any more.

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Does altitude affect plant diversity?

Dwarf shrub cover was the main driver of plant diversity, whereas elevation did not affect species richness or beta-diversity. These findings suggest that elevation directly influences V. myrtillus growth but not plant diversity.

How does species richness vary with latitude?

Amongst the earliest remarked, and best documented, of broad-scale spatial patterns of life on Earth is a trend for more species to be found towards lower latitudes. The latitudinal gradient in species richness is such that most extant eukaryote, perhaps also prokaryote, species are found in the tropics.

How does altitude affect landscape?

The higher your garden’s elevation, the lower the air pressure. Air pressure has an effect on plant growth in a number of ways. Lower air pressure has less carbon dioxide, which plants need to grow, and it also means a slower rate of transpiration.

Which latitude will have more biodiversity?

For more than three centuries Western science has known that biodiversity is greatest in the tropics. European explorers and traders returned from Africa, Asia and the Americas with thousands of specimens of previously unknown kinds of animals and plants.

Is biodiversity has no effect on change in latitude?


Why does biodiversity increase towards the tropics?

The higher temperatures in the tropics cause higher rates of metabolism, ecological dynamics and coevolutionary processes, which generate and maintain higher biodiversity.