Do you think afforestation will have global impact on the climate?

Is afforestation good for climate change?

Afforestation is considered a cost-effective and readily available climate change mitigation option. In recent studies afforestation is presented as a major solution to limit climate change. … Afforestation also requires large amounts of land (up to 1,100 Mha) leading to large reductions in agricultural land.

How does afforestation influence climate change?

Afforestation is a big, important part of a broad suite of policies that address climate change, but it is not a silver bullet solution. If managed well or kept wild, trees (beyond removing carbon) can increase biodiversity, stabilize soil, retain groundwater, and increase resilience against flooding.

Why afforestation is important for global warming?

Afforestation is one of the solutions to global warming and it’s very crucial in purifying the environment and helps in reducing the carbon dioxide level (can also contributes too). Afforestation is one of the natural way for the solution of global warming.

What is the role of afforestation?

Afforestation helps to address all the issues of soil erosion and barren land at the same time. Trees act as wind barriers thereby weakening the speed of the wind and reducing its impact and ability to carry big soil particles.

How much can afforestation reduce global warming?

They estimated that reforestation could remove three billion to 18 billion tonnes of CO2 per year. These are significant numbers.

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Do you think that only afforestation help to reduce deforestation?

Answer: Afforestation is really very important to stabilize the conditions of recent climate. Not only afforestation but also, reforestation of degraded lands including, marshy area, sand dunes, mining areas also need to be practiced.