Can you recycle plastic in Seattle?

Can you put plastic bags in recycling Seattle?

SEATTLE — The city of Seattle and King County will no longer accept plastic bags and plastic wrap in curbside recycling in the new year. … Beginning January 1, 2020, customers will be asked to take plastic bags and wraps to a drop-off location for re-manufacturing or put them in the garbage.

What items can be recycled in Seattle?

Paper and newspaper

  • Newspaper, inserts.
  • Mail, envelopes (windowed too)
  • Cereal and dry food boxes (no liners)
  • Frozen food boxes.
  • Paperback books.
  • Magazines, catalogs and phone books.
  • Non-foil wrapping paper.
  • Juice boxes, milk, soy milk and broth containers.

Can you put out extra recycling Seattle?

Seattle residents can recycle as much as they want for no charge. If you do have extra recyclables, put them next to your recycling cart in sturdy bins, boxes or 32-gallon cans. Flatten any cardboard boxes. If you regularly have extra recycling, you can also request an additional container.

What can you recycle in WA?

The following items should be placed in your recycling bin clean, loose and if applicable lids removed:

  • Aluminium cans.
  • Paper and cardboard (not shredded paper)
  • Clean plastic bottles, tubs and containers.
  • Steel cans.
  • Glass bottles and jars.
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Which plastic is recyclable?

The most commonly recycled plastics are: 1 – Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) – water bottles and plastic trays. 2 – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – milk cartoons and shampoo bottles. 5 – Polypropylene (PP) – margarine tubs and ready-meal trays.

What can you do with plastic bags in Seattle?

While bringing plastic bags and wrap to a drop-off location is best for the environment, customers in Seattle and King County also can throw them in the garbage. It’s better to toss them out rather than contaminate other collected recyclables.

Can bubble wrap be recycled in Seattle?

The only soft plastics that can be recycled are newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, shrink wrap, Bubble Wrap and grocery bags (but not produce bags). These all have to be clean and stuffed together — single plastic bags get caught in machines at the recycling facility.

Which plastics are recyclable in King County?

and arranged the plastics by categories of plastic materials that are recyclable:

  • Bottles, jugs and tubs. …
  • Plastic film and grocery bags. …
  • Packing peanuts and polystyrene. …
  • Nursery pots. …
  • Plastic office supplies. …
  • Agricultural plastic. …
  • Mixed plastics and other types of plastics.

Can you recycle envelopes with plastic windows Seattle?

Office paper, including windowed envelopes, color paper, and file folders. Mail, magazines, mixed paper. … Paper cartons. Juice boxes, Tetra Paks & aseptic containers.