Best answer: Which one is the reason for highest biomass in aquatic ecosystem?

What is the cause for highest biomass in aquatic ecosystem?

Sea grass and slime molds.

Which of the following has highest biomass in aquatic ecosystem?

However, as a group, the small aquatic crustaceans called copepods may form the largest animal biomass on earth.

Global biomass.

name Chickens
number of species 1
individual count 24 billion

Which is the reason for highest biomass?

Due to abundance of light, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and less salanity of water, the tidal zone is characterized by exhorbitant growth of plants. The dense growth of vegetation, on the other hand, provides shelter and food for animals.

What happens to most energy at each trophic level?

Energy decreases as it moves up trophic levels because energy is lost as metabolic heat when the organisms from one trophic level are consumed by organisms from the next level.

What is the dominant second trophic level in a lake ecosystem?

Correct answer: So, the correct answer is Zooplankton.

How are grassland ecosystem and a pond ecosystem connected?

Grassland ecosystem is a terrestrial ecosystem and pond ecosystem is an aquatic ecosytem, hence both their abiotic and biotic components would be different.

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What is ocean biomass?

In the world oceans there is large amount of biomass suspended in the photic zone of water column. Part of the living part is of plant origin, the phytoplankton and other is the animal component or zooplankton. There is also large proportion of particulate organic matter composed by remains of dead animals and feces.

Why is biomass important in an ecosystem?

Biomass for energy, especially biofuels, has positive attributes that contribute to a healthy environment and economy. Biomass utilization can reduce forest management costs, help mitigate climate change, reduce risks to life and property, and help provide a secure, competitive energy source.