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New.. Wildlife Forum ......come post what you have seen in your yard.....let us know what birds have returned to your yard......find the answers to how to get rid of that unwanted animals here too.....Post YOUR favorite wildlife photo on my page at wilflife photo's

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This page is dedicated to all those who love wildlife. I have been wildlife watching all my life. Hopefully I can teach you how to attract various kinds of animals to your backyard. I have successfully attracted deer, raccoons, fox, bats, many different birds, groundhogs, possums, pheasants, and quail to mention a few. The methods I use are  what these animals eat naturally in the wild and they work.

I also have many interesting not so well know facts about wildlife as well as instructions on how to build nest boxes, bat boxes and bird feeders. These to help with loss of  habitat.  And just in case you have an animal around that you don't want, I also will teach how to get rid of them without hurting them! I also  have just added opening your nature eye. This is great tips for spotting wildlife for those who don't think they have any in their yard.

****NEW THINGS****

One of my poems on the about me page

"Nature Eye Notes"-Here you will find tips galore about what to look for in the woods to spot wildlife!

Bluebird eggs in my nest box on the birds page!!

RAPTORS- learn about raptors and how to make owl nest boxes.

Nature Store- Find great gifts for your nature p[als and also products to keep your yard pest free

Newsletter- Get a new  attracting tip sent to you monthly  and be advised of new animal pages I add.

Wildlife Forum -post questions , answer questions or just let everyone know what you have seen in your yard or read what people from all over have seen.

Wildlife Photo's- Send us a picture of something you saw in your yard or even on a trip and share your nature experience with others who don't get the opportunity to see these things.

Attention Bird Watchers and Bird Feeders we need your help ! Come help and dedicate your bird feeder as a ---Feathers Feeder

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I love to get mail from people so if you are interested in learning anything about an animal, such as what to do to attract them..... or what to do about a problem you are having ....or even about an animal I haven't listed just send me an e-mail.I will do my best to help.

My Goals ...The goal of my page  is to allow all kids and adults to experience my good fortune of living in a rural area and to be able to view nature experience through the eyes of those that also have had such good fortune.   To teach people about wildlife and to encourage everyone make their backyard a wildlife habitat

Most Important -If you see a sick or injured animal please get an adult don't approach it . Wildlife although so cute can also be dangerous and you could get bitten. Also if you come across a baby animal usually they are not orphans. Most of the time its parents are looking for food so don't bring it home . Just tell an adult about it. You can always go back with them an check.

You may use any of my pictures as long as you link back to my site . Those pictures people donated please don't take unless you ask them first. If you need a picture for a school project feel free to print one out.  

**A Note From My Mom**

I encourage all nature enthusiasts, biologist, zoologists, conservationists, and back yard wildlife watchers to contribute their nature experience and vast knowledge to the youth of today. I want to personally thank those that help by sending pictures of their experiences and sightings , posting an answer to the kids on the forum or even stimulating their interest by posting a question themselves.

If you are visiting with a child encourage him or her to ask a question, answer one or just comment. Lindsay welcomes everyone, every question and comment